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Google: Android 5.1 Memory Leak Has Been Fixed Internally, No Timeline For Release Yet

In the Android community, Lollipop 5.0 is known for a lot of things. Unfortunately, among those things is a pretty severe memory leak that has plagued users with app crashes and launcher redraws, as device memory filled and failed to clear.
When Android 5.1 was announced, many hoped the issue would finally be resolved. After all, Google did mark the memory leak (which climbed to the 34th highest position in the issue tracker's history) as "future release" back in December.
As it turns out though, Lollipop 5.1 is not without its own memory leak, at least for some users over at the issue tracker. But Google has some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the 5.1 memory leak has been "fixed internally." The bad news? "We do not currently have a timeline for public release."
Project Member #35 al...@android.com
This has been fixed internally. We do not currently have a timeline for public release.
Status: FutureRelease
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The status change appeared 39 hours ago (at the time of writing) on an issue created March 12th, which you can check out for yourself below. Here's hoping the fix doesn't take too long to appear publicly, whatever the version number.

A memory leak that was originally discovered in Android 5.0.1, is still annoying and befuddling Nexus device users with Android 5.1. According to the Issue Tracker page on the AOSP website, Google has internally fixed the issue and plans to include it in an upcoming release. That most likely would be Android 5.1.1.  

The complaints are beginning to read the same. Apps, especially Google+, restart on their own. Some active apps disappear in the middle of using them, and free RAM drops in hours to about 750MB-800MB from 1.1GB-1.3GB. Most of the people who sent in a complaint appear to be using the Nexus 5, although other Nexus devices have been cited. Some complaints said that opening apps would increase the amount of RAM in use, but closing apps would not reduce that figure.

Issue 159738, "Memory leak still present on Android 5.1," was closed by Google on Friday. Now, it is just a matter of waiting for Android 5.1.1. Google will no doubt stamp this as "Rush" because no one wants to live with the craziness of a handset running with a memory leak.
Reported by jlmcr...@gmail.comMar 12 (3 days ago)
Memory leak not fixed. I've had system RAM bloated over 1GB, processes restarting and launcher redraws.

Android 5.1 running on a Nexus 5.

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