woensdag 21 mei 2014

Google is famed for naming the major versions of Android after sweets, and that too in an alphabetical order, so the next one comes to Lollipop.

Android 4.5 Lollipop is likely to be revealed in the I/O conference on June 25th , door Google, samen met al zijn coole functies. Google heeft zijn jaarlijkse conferentie van ontwikkelaars in juni van elk jaar en de verwachting is dat er updates voor de Google Glass, slimme horloges evenals de Android slijtage samen met de Nexus 7, en het allerbelangrijkste, de nieuwste versie van zijn Android-software , de 4.5 Lollipop. Momenteel is de versie van het Android OS is de 4.4, die ook bekend staat als KitKat, in september 2013 gelanceerd, krijgt de naam van haar commerciƫle aanleggen met Nestle (KitKat chocolade).
It is also rumored that there is going to be a total rethinking of Android and the web apps, showing how Android 4.5 might possibly look like. It is supposed to bring about a change by way of unifying Chrome with Android and Search. It is also said that the user interface will be revamped to a significant extent. The Project Hera is Google’s effort for unifying the experience of users who have Android, Search and the Chrome browser on their Android devices.
Unique Features
Android 4.5 Lollipop is expected to offer extra support for the processor and for the graphics chipset as well. It will also offer support to 64 bit processors and make it easier for devices to use a higher RAM with increased software drivers. Defragmentation can be better managed as well. It is also supposed to retain support for 512 MB RAM of the Android KitKat and offer more compatibility in case of mobile networks, with increased improvements in camera features. The new Android 4.5 will also be able to offer a better audio and video experience to users as well as expand their gaming experiences. Users will be better able to handle multi tasking and it will improve the battery life and the performance of the mobile device. User experience is sure to be smoother and users will be able to take advantage of a number of applications as well as services. It will offer writing support for micro SD card and offer support for the older devices.
Google has revealed its plans for wearables in its new version. Android wear has been specially designed for running on smart watches, but with Android 4.5, it will run on several wearable technologies in the future. The new version Lollipop will also be integrated with the Google Glass. It is also likely that there will be a new Android wearable application. This wearable app will be able to control or monitor the devices that you connect with your smartphone or your tablet. With the new version, all this will be done without too much drain on the battery life of the phone and the data allowance.
Security Improvements
Though Android and Security are not words that go together, Google is about to make attempts to improve the 4.5 versions, so that it is less vulnerable. It is likely that Google Play will see some improvements, as many mobile malware are usually targeted to the Android OS play store, with many such malware found in the official Play Store. With the new version the app selection system is bound to be more rigorous and it will also respond more quickly to user and developer complaints. The device is also going to become more secure with the latest Android version, which means that you can handle all your data by using the fingerprint sensors on a native basis. Face Unlock will also become a better feature and be more useful with the new version.

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